Here’s a list of all my recipes, reviews and “inedible” thursday posts in heat order.

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Monthly Recipes

Wild Garlic and Chilli Leaf Salad (0/10)

Cinnamon Extract Apple Crumble (0+/10)

Kashmiri Chilli & Raspberry Pavlova (0.5/10)

Gluten Free Banana Habanero “Pancakes” (1/10)

Smoked Chilli Cheesecake (1/10)

Extreme Ginger Cake (1.5/10)

Chipotle & Chocolate Lava Cake (2/10)

Saag Aloo Style Potato Pancakes (2/10)

Chipotle Chicken Korma (2/10)

Pequin Infused Cornbread (2/10)

Lemondrop, Pear & Apple Risotto (2/10)

Chipotle Chocolate Cupcakes (2/10)

Easy Sriracha & Sweet Potato Dip (2/10)

Ghost Pepper Infused Mince Pies (2.5/10)

Ancient Chilli Salsa & Veggie Enchiladas (2.5/10)

Dōpiaza Style Onion Relish (2.5/10)

Regular Mapo Tofu (2.5+/10)

Habanero Carrot Cake (3/10)

Sweet Potato & Scotch Bonnet Stew (3/10)

Chocolate Madras (3/10)

Vegetarian Mapo Tofu (3+/10)

Sweet & Sour Habanero Arrabiata (3.5/10)

Hot Jerk Mozzarella Sticks (3.5/10)

Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen & Mango Linguine (4/10)

7-Pot Infused Brownies (4.5/10)

Anime Style Mapo Tofu (4.5/10)


Tuesday Reviews

Mad Dog Brew Co’s Ancho Chocolate Cheesecake Beer (0.5/10)

Hollywood Cocktails’ Dark and Stormy Ginger Jam (0.5/10)

Spanish Padron Chillies (0.5+/10)

Tabasco’s Chipotle Cola Sauce (1/10)

Daddy Cool’s “Broon” Brown Sauce (1/10)

ChimouliS’ Chilli Salted Caramel Spread (1/10)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Peri Peri Garlic Sauce (1.5/10)

Hot Plot Chilli Co’s Cherry Chipotle T.N.T. (1.5/10)

Knights’ Ginger Beer (1.5/10)

Burning Desire’s Bourbon Chipotle Syrup (1.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Vic’s Ol’ Smokey (1.5/10)

Zukali’s Chipotle Kafѐ (Coffee) Salsa (1.5/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Jalapeño Vegetable Jerky (1.5/10)

The Jam Horse’s Chilli Extra Jam (1.5/10)

Daddy Cool’s Okra & Garlic Pickle (1.5/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods Jalapeño Mushroom Jerky (1.5+/10)

Hot-Headz’ Hardcore Jalapeño Purée (1.5+/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Aurum – Mango, Amarillo & Spiced Rum Sauce (2/10)

Efrutti’s Ginger Gummy Bear (2/10)

Efrutti’s Cinnamon Gummy Bear (2/10)

Old Jamaica’s Extra Fiery Ginger Beer (2/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Tropicus Scotch Bonnet Popping Candy (2/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Pineapple Sauce (2+/10)

ChimouliS’ Sweet Pear & Lemongrass Sauce (2.5/10)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s Fruity, Caribbean-Style Dragons Breath (2.5/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Ginger & Garlic Tofu Jerky (2.5/10)

ChimouliS’ Mango Sauce (2.5/10)

Simpson’s Seeds’ Funky Monkey Rocoto Sauce (2.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Mango & Papaya Sauce (2.5/10)

Mr Vikki’s Sweet Banana Habanero Pickle (2.5/10)

The Jam Horse’s Horse Kickin’ Hot Scotch Bonnet Jam (2.5/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Zhoug (2.5/10)

Fifty Shades Hotter (2.5/10)

Efrutti’s Chilli Gummy Bear (3/10)

Marie Sharp’s Green Habanero Sauce with Cactus (3/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Hellraiser Milk Chocolate (3/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Hot Fruity Mango Sauce (3/10)

Flying Goose Brand’s Vegan Sriracha Mayo (3/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Green Salsa (3/10)

Daddy Cool’s Fatalii Attraction (3/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Thai Vengeance Oil (3/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Aji Popping Candy (3/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Hot BBQ Sauce (3/10)

Hot Digiddy Dog Sauce (3.5/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Gummi Swears – Roulette Gummy Bears & Jelly Babies (3.5/10)

Hot Headz’ Satan’s Spawn Gummy Bears (3.5/10)

The Ribman’s Holy F🔥🔥k Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (3.5/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Smoke Potion: Magnum Opus (4/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Original Wing Sauce (4/10)

ChimouliS’ Salty Scotch Bonnet Sauce (4/10)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Hotter Padrons (4/10)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s (Green) Extreme Chilli Jam (4/10)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Dark Habanero Sauce (4/10)

🔥 The Ribman’s Christ on a Bike Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (4/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Original (Ghost Pepper) Melliculus Popping Candy (4.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Stinger Sauce (4.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Smoky Chimpotle (4.5/10)

Encona’s Carolina Reaper Sauce (4.5/10)

The Unusual Chutney Company’s Jalapeño & Reaper Fiendfyre (4.5+/10)

ChimouliS’ Pineapple Ghost Pepper Sauce (5/10)

🔥 The Ribman’s Holy Mother of God Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (5/10)

The FBI’s Ball Breaker – Made by The Chilli Pepper Company (5.5/10)

ChimouliS’ Purple Scorpion Ketchup(?) (6/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Raging Goblin Jalapeno Extract (6/10)

Ashley Foods’ Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha (6/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Trinidad Scorpion Shītake Thats Hot (6.5/10)

Thousand Hills’ Screaming Pumpkin Jam (6.5/10)

Nature’s Hottest Popping Candy – The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Reaper (7.5/10)

Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm’s Megalodon (7.5/10)

oQuintal’s Devil’s Choice Scorpion Sauce (8/10)

CaJohn’s 7-Pot Primo Sauce – Hydra (8/10)

Dave’s Gourmet’s Original Insanity Sauce (9.5/10)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Carolina Reaper Sauce (10/10)

Burning Desire Foods’ Critical Mass “Ultimate Hot Sauce” with Reaper and Jigsaw (10/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Original Dragon’s Blood Sauce (14/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s XXX Mega Hot Dragon’s Blood Sauce (23/10)

World’s Hottest Sauce – Hot Headz’ & The Chilli Pepper Company’s Hell Unleashed (250+/10)


Random Restaurant Reviews

Little Tokyo Leeds (0-3.5/10)

Sticky Sisters Wing & Sauce Specialists (0-5.5/10)


Thursday Inedibles

Mahi Fine Foods Overview (?/10)

Screaming Chimp Overview (?/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete Overview (?/10)

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Daddy Cool’s Overview (?/10)

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Grim Reaper Foods’ Gift Boxes (?/10)

Flaming Licks’ Fiery Foods Subscription Boxes (?/10)

Does Size Matter (?/10)

What is “Superhot” (?/10)

How Does Milk Help (?/10)

Chinese “Hangjiao” Space Chillies (?/10)

Original Source Lemon & Chilli Shower Gel (1.5/10)

Mapo Tofu Recipes Overview (2.5+/10)

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My Hot Ones Style Sauce Lineup (1.5-14/10)

Ed Marriott’s “Scoville” Boardgame (Age 11+)

Hot Ones Wing Challenge & Interview Show (T)

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