Differently Dark

Feel like something fruity, my fellow fiery food fans? It certainly seems like I do lately.

To get my fix, I’m taking a look at another freebie from one of the most heavy fruit users I know. Daddy Cool’s.

But compared to other fruit-based sauces, this one’s different. It’s brown. Or, as he and his northern friends call it, “Broon”.

2017-04-04 12.05.14

That’s right folks, we’re looking at a chilli brown sauce!

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Limeless Lady Fingers

Welcome back, spice lovers, today we’ll be looking at the second of my freebies from Daddy Cool’s. His indian inspired Okra and Garlic Pickle.

2017-04-04 12.09.06

A mild but flavourful addition to his range, intended to go alongside a good curry.

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