Verde Blood

Hello again spice lovers, this week we’re going to look at another of my samples from Chilli Pepper Pete and, like the Zhoug, it’s one of their milder ones.

Emphasis on the “er”, of course, because, as I mentioned back in my overview, Chilli Pepper Pete doesn’t actually do anything below medium. Which makes today’s offering rather hot when compared to other, similarly coloured sauces.

That’s right, it’s a green one. And, unlike the Zhoug, it’s not getting its colour from fresh herbs.

No, it’s using tomatilloes and green chillies to make a salsa verde. One that I’m sure you’ll agree, once we talk about its other ingredients, is far from ordinary.

DB Green (2)-500x500.jpg
Image provided by Chilli Pepper Pete.

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Chilli Pepper Pete

Hello again everyone, today we’re going to take a look at Chilli Pepper Pete.


A company known for their extreme heat sauces but one who also have plenty of flavour to offer. And they’ve sent me a mix of the two, with their garlic and herb-based “Zhoug” and both ends of the heat spectrum that is Dragon’s Blood.

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