Limeless Lady Fingers

Welcome back, spice lovers, today we’ll be looking at the second of my freebies from Daddy Cool’s. His indian inspired Okra and Garlic Pickle.

2017-04-04 12.09.06

A mild but flavourful addition to his range, intended to go alongside a good curry.

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It’s Pancake Time!

Greetings, my fiery friends. It’s time for another weekend bonus recipe. A recipe that’s just too simple and product specific to take the main spot of a month but one well worth sharing, nonetheless.

A recipe made using Mr. Vikki’s Banana Habanero pickle.

2017-05-01 09.24.25

But, before we get into how it’s made, there’s something I’d like to say about the product itself.

When last I tried it, I was shocked by the heat of this sweet pickle. I rated it a three out of ten, despite my previous jars only warranting a one. That batch was far stronger than expected and now I know why.

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